Shelter FAQ

Q: Why is DogsInDanger an essential part of your outreach effort?
A: is dedicated to shelter dogs at risk of being killed in U.S. shelters. Most shelters don't have big advertising budgets to advertise their dogs. DogsInDanger has had a lot of press coverage, and people have driven for hours to adopt dogs found on DogsInDanger. Over 80% of the dogs listed on the site have been saved. The website is run by a group of dedicated animal loving folks who want to help do what we can to save urgent dogs in shelters by gaining them invaluable adoption and rescue exposure.

Q: How hard is it to register?
A: Registering a shelter to become a part of DogsInDanger is fast and easy! Just go to, click on 'Shelters' and follow the registration steps. DogsInDanger will send you an email within 24 hours of your online registration. This email will contain your unique shelter ID which you will use to log in to and you can begin adding dogs right away. Registration is limited to municipal shelters, animal control agencies and humane societies that euthanize.

Q: How do our dogs get on DogsInDanger?
A: Some shelters maintain their own listings, others ask us to do it for them. We provide the platform and technology. You will receive a unique shelter ID soon after you register with us. Shelter staff or volunteers can log in any time, upload dogs and pictures, update status of dogs, etc. The information is time sensitive and it is important to keep the listings as up to date as possible.

Q: How do we remove dogs from the website?
A: A dog’s status can either be Adoptable, Euthanized, or Rescued/Adopted. If a dog's status changes, just log in and update the dog's profile to reflect the new status. Adoptable dogs show up in searches. Adopted/Rescued dogs show up under Success Stories. Euthanized dogs go to In Memorium. We do not delete dogs. The memorial pages serve as an important part of our mission, and a tribute to the many dogs who did not make it out alive.

Q: Our shelter euthanizes, but we don’t put an exact euthanasia date on each animal. Can we still use this site for our dogs?
A: A shelter must be able to estimate a euthanasia date to use the site. If the dog does not have a euthanasia date, and you cannot reasonably estimate one, then the dog does not belong on this site. Only dogs at risk of being killed within 60 days should be listed on DogsInDanger. We realize that a euthanasia date sometimes needs to be revised due to changing factors, such as adoption interest in the dog, unexpected influx of new dogs, sudden behavior or health problems, etc. Just for these situations, DogsInDanger allows the shelter to revise the euthanasia date, shortening or lengthening the amount of time, if needed.

Q: What about negative emails from the public who don't offer help and only want to criticise?
A: Our partner shelters tell us that they are flooded with legitimate inquiries from people wanting to help. After all, that's what it's all about, right? also allows the option for participating shelters to remain anonymous, if they so choose. You can receive leads and inquiries without displaying the shelter name or contact information.

Q: What does this cost the shelter?
A: Absolutely nothing. It is FREE. There is no charge for shelters to list their dogs with us, and no charge for adopters to search the site for dogs in need... and there NEVER WILL BE A CHARGE for this service.

Q: Do you collect funds for the dogs?
A: DogsInDanger does not solicit of collect funds on behalf of individual dogs. If someone contacts us wanting to help a specific dog, they are directed to the shelter that has the dog.

Q: Our shelter does not euthanize for time or space. Why would we use DogsInDanger?
A: DogsInDanger is not only for dogs at risk due to space or time. It is also used for dogs suffering from treatable, contagious, illness, poorly socialized dogs, shy dogs, traumatized dogs, dogs surrendered for euthanasia (who are not irremediably physically suffering), dogs with behavior or medical impediments, and those labeled ‘unadoptable’ based on arbitrary criteria such as color, age, breed.

Q: Who started the site?
A: It was started by two dog lovers who wanted to help the many deserving dogs in shelters that are slated to die, while simultaneously raising public awareness of the numbers of dogs being killed every year in shelters. By making it personal, and putting a face and a name to these dogs, we believe that the public will be compelled to help by adopting shelter dogs and helping effect the necessary changes to animal welfare laws.

Q: What is DogsInDanger doing to promote the website and dogs?
A: The DogsInDanger team has been on CNN, The Today Show, Good Morning America, as well as being covered in People Magazine, Reuters and Associated Press, just to name a few. Your dogs will get exposure because is committed to marketing programs that will drive targeted web traffic to our site, thus to your dogs.

Q: How do dogs get onto the Memorial section?
A: There are two ways a dog will roll over to memorial: 1) The shelter logs in and manually changes the status to Euthanized; or 2) If a dog's adoptable status is not updated, and the scheduled euthanasia date passes, the dog's name and photo (not the shelter name) will automatically roll over to the memorial pages. In either case, this status can be changed by the shelter when necessary.

Q: Can I list urgent dogs for a different shelter?
A. Only dogs physically under the care and control of your shelter should be listed under your shelter ID. If you wish to post dogs at another shelter, please have that other shelter contact us and we will get them registered in their name. That shelter can then delegate whoever they choose to log in to list dogs with their shelter ID.