How your listings work
The euthanasia date (euth date) of a dog is CRITICAL to its listing on DogsInDanger! Once the euth date passes, the dog's status is automatically altered by our technology.
Thus the dog is listed as 'euthanized' and no longer appears in the adoptable dog listings. They also start showing up in our 'Memorial' section.
You can easily stop the above from happening.
  • Log in and click the 'Euthanized' tab from the top (you will automatically be in the adoptable tab).
  • Change the status of the dog from 'Showing Euthanized' to 'Adoptable'.
  • Put in a new Euth date.

Important message from Dogs In Danger

Read the DogsInDanger announcement giving back money to participating shelters CLICK HERE!

To qualify for the $1.00 per dog award, an uploaded dog must include:
  1. at least one photo;
  2. description of the dog;
  3. an update of the ultimate fate of the dog, adopted/rescued or euthanized.


Shelter I.D. (eg. NY68)

Password (FORGOT IT?)