Shelter Registration


Signing up a shelter to list dogs on DogsInDanger is easy. Registration must be in the name of the shelter -- animal control agency, municipal shelter, or humane society.
Why is DogsInDanger an essential part of a shelter's outreach effort?

DogsInDanger is the only national dog adoption website dedicated to dogs at risk of being killed in shelters. It brings the nation's urgent dogs into one place. Most shelters don't have big advertising budgets to advertise their dogs. DogsInDanger is run by a group of dedicated animal loving folks who want to help save dogs from being killed by gaining them invaluable adoption exposure. Thousands of people visit every day.

And, it is FREE. There is no charge to list dogs with us, and no charge for adopters to search the site for dogs in need... and there never will be a charge for this service.

How do the dogs get on DogsInDanger?
Shelters or volunteers maintain the dog listings. We provide the platform and technology. You will receive a unique ID soon after registering. Log in any time to upload dogs and photos. The information on the website is time critical, therefore it is important to keep the listings current.

After setting up a DogsInDanger account, shelters can set their account to automatically export at-risk dogs to DogsInDanger. Instructions here.

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